Integral Information Management

Structural Research’s new IT system is now up and running, and already proving to be of benefit to its clients

Designed primarily to ensure that customers can monitor the progress of their projects in real-time in an efficient and streamlined manner, the advantages of the new system have already far outstripped the simple exchange of information which was the initial cornerstone of the development.

The Enterprise Resource Planning aspect of the system has been greeted with enthusiasm by project managers and designers alike.  It is an extremely useful tool at almost every stage of an engineering development, simplifying the process and co-ordinating all the information necessary for decision making.

The Continuous Control Monitoring, together with Shay Murtagh’s well-established quality control in its extensive manufacturing facility, is another aspect of the new system.  Now, this information can be shared as and when it is required by its clients, and it forms an important part of the Key Performance Indicator which is an integral part of almost every civil engineering project.

Shay Murtagh has an excellent reputation for working alongside its clients and customers through their projects, from the initial idea and the choice of a site through planning, design and development, and on into construction and completion.  Structural Research, with its new IT system, has enhanced this characteristic of friendly co-operation in the relationship, and has ensured that the company will continue to lead the field in precast concrete components wherever there is a need for them throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Integral Information Management | Structural Research

Continuous Control Monitoring is a ‘game changer’. Using Digital Construction technology, we create and manage all the project information starting from the scratch. Any deviation from the main objectives of the project are immediate  and automatically reported by our in-house ERP system and provide actionable insights to overall management. To think proactive and to act in the light of facts rather than guesses in real time.

As Engineers we follow objectives that can be measurable. Due Digital Construction and Continuous Control Monitoring we define clearly the KPI that gives the correct indicators to Managers in real time. With the right information at the right time we know that we can make ‘life’ easier to the decision makers.

The rolling forecast strives to address some of the shortcomings of the traditional budget or resources.  Specifically, the rolling forecast involves a re-calibration of forecasts and resource allocation every month, quarter, week or even day based on what’s actually happening in the project or business. Due Digital Construction and Continuous Control Monitoring it possible the continuous re-calibration of the drivers. Making resource decisions as close to real time as possible can funnel resources more efficiently to where they’re needed most. It provides managers with a timely vision forward.

Our Services:

  • Create a forecast with specific performance targets (for any stage of the process or business).
  • Track actual performance against targets. Due Digital Construction and Continuous Control Monitoring it possible to access to information in real time
  • Analyse and course correct. Proactive supplying the information to the Decision Makers.

According L. Urwick  “Planning is a mental predisposition to do things in orderly way, to think before acting and to act in the light of facts rather than guesses.”

Planning is a basic management function but an important preparatory step for the operations.

By using Digital Construction, planning multi-projects and, after Design stage and approvals, convert it into a Production Programme for manufacture, find an optimal relation between cost and time efficient is a short and automatic step.

Due Continuous Control Monitoring any deviations from the programme is highlighted in real-time. It is also possible to send automatic report for the client about the manufacture status of each concrete precast piece if required and agreed.

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