Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly is our passion, as it supports and enhances those aspects of our business that are most important to us, our workforce, and our customers

Safety heads our list.  With our new technology, our efficiency has been improved, which has led to fewer site deliveries, and that in turn has cut down on the resources we use as well as on-site operations and working at height.

Speed is also important.  Our clients’ project managers are feeling the benefits of the reduction in time on site, as well as the decrease in the dependency on good weather, which has in the past made scheduling so difficult.

Our clients certainly appreciate the financial benefits of this technology.  We have simplified cost planning and enabled complete accuracy in programming.

The quality of Shay Murtagh’s precast concrete has always been paramount, and with the installation of our factory-controlled Quality Control System and Production Control Monitoring, both we and our clients can confidently predict that the products we deliver will continue to lead the field.

Today, no company can afford to ignore the impact its production facilities have on the environment, and Shay Murtagh is proud to have achieved a significant reduction in wastage, as well as the lower CO2 emissions that employing fewer site deliveries has achieved. At Shay Murtagh, we are justifiably proud of the reputation we have gained during the life of our company, and we regard it as part of our tradition.

However, a traditional pride in our achievements and in the quality of the structures we have designed, developed and delivered has never stood in the way of our constant striving for improvement.  Our new IT system is the latest step on our road to continuing excellence.

It is a combination between Digital Construction, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and ERP systems. It is our Mission indeed.

We design for an efficient production by simplifying the product, minimising the complexity of the production operations, creating, manage and detail all information for factory to achieved the best performance of the production team and equipment.

We design for a safer, faster and controlled assembly by reducing the operations and resources on site, simplifying and standardising the connections and design with the right tolerances to maximise control during installation.

By using Digital Construction, we predict and simulate, step by step, the assembly sequence and process, improving speed and minimise risks during real operations. Along ERP system interface, we aim to the most High quality, sustainability and cost-effective solutions.

“Process is generally referred to a systematic series of actions. Flow to something that moves continuously and smoothly”

Considering the fast growth of Technology, it’s also important to keep the balance between the new procedures fed by technology and the “old” tested procedures to make the implementation run smoothly. To help this balance, we follow the principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly approach (DfMA) using Digital Construction Technology to achieve it.

For special transport, by using appropriate software and technology, as part of the analysis of the full construction methodology sequence, we assess the feasibility of the transport of precast pieces with special dimension and weight from the factory to the site and the potential impact in the route regarding improvements or modifications of actual situation. Risks associated with the size of beams as an example it is an exercise to be contemplated in advance before the end of the precast procurement process.

Our Services

  • Study of possible delivery routes from our factories to the site access point, with special attention to the route from main roads (highways) to main site access.
  • Report about options of the types of trucks that could be used for these works.
  • Report about physical constrains in the proposed routes and assessment of required modifications to accommodate the route to the size of the transport (widening of roads / infill in roundabout).
  • Report about permits/consents required for special transports and information about timescales to achieve them.
  • Report about legislation to apply to special transports and regulations to follow (For example: night transports, non-transport days allowed within the year)

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