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Structural Research is gifted with a strong contingent of experts in Digital Construction

Structural Research has implemented and mastered available digital tools for Building Information Modelling (BIM) along with ERP Development and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has developed advanced in-house platforms and programs for monitoring and optimising production and delivery, streamlining preliminary and detailed structural design, and refining cost estimation and control.

Shay Murtagh Group has a broad range of BIM tools available to all personnel, from tender to design to installation and maintenance. Tekla Structures and Revit are the preferred Design Authoring tools used to effectively deliver BIM uses as per the employer’s requirements. The core group explicitly maintains a sharp awareness for software development and proactively develops the digital capabilities of our engineers and technicians. Structural Research directly supports and encourages the continuous professional development of its personnel with regards to the broader implementation of and fluency with Digital Technologies. The benefits of Digital Construction, Tekla Structures and Revit specifically and BIM broadly have borne substantial fruit in all operations of the Shay Murtagh Group.

Shay Murtagh Group’s production facility operates utilising RPA. The temptation toward complacency with regard to an automated process is constrained. Structural Research, in harmony with the substantial efforts of the management of Shay Murtagh Group, enables an approach of constant improvement of the current RPA system. Structural Research facilitates the periodic occasion to necessarily depart from the standardisation of RPA production and safely manufacture bespoke precast elements.

Information Technology | Structural Research

Structural Research developed JARVIS as a powerful in-house tool that allows the entire collective of Shay Murtagh Group to monitor the progress of all projects from tender stage through design, production, and delivery. JARVIS utilizes extensive data from previous projects to effectively streamline and optimize all phases of current and future efforts. The same tool additionally serves as an invaluable administrative and managerial platform that coordinates and tracks everything from staff scheduling, storage of drawings and models to providing comprehensive analysing applications in order to facilitate the decision-making process. The same team of highly experienced software engineers and structural designers that developed JARVIS remain at Structural Research and maintain a seamless operation and improvement of the platform.

The role of AI and Evolutionary Algorithms techniques in the optimisation of estimation and design has been embraced by the Shay Murtagh Group with Structural Research spearheading the development of the associated in-house tools. The efforts of Structural Research have been carried out in full cooperation and mutually beneficial interaction with the long-serving and highly experienced estimation and design teams engaged in the broader Shay Murtagh Group. In turn, estimation and design at Shay Murtagh Group have always been and remain operations carried out hand in hand with the practical constructability requirements conveyed by our production and site project management teams. The result is improved efficiency of cost estimation, design, production and optimal on-site installation without compromising the intuitive and fundamentally grounded understanding and skill in these areas born of experience that are essential in retaining the necessary agility in an industry that is often bespoke by nature. As with all other areas presented previously, Structural Research serves as Shay Murtagh Group’s primary engine for research and development in the area of AI supported applications, with peer reviewed articles published in some of the most relevant academic journals.

Our expertise with Digital Technologies and Precast Structures combined with our strong Project Management skills allowed us to create tools and procedures to use BIM models to manage projects. This model-based management allows us to collaborate easier with any person in the world since we use several visibility techniques that require less training to people that is not involved in the process.

The information reliability is grounded on strong Quality Assurance procedures to Audit information models and on bespoke tools developed to check Precast Concrete BIM models.

JARVIS is an in-house Precast Concrete Business process management software, linked with Digital Construction technology that allows an organization manage, automate and tracking all the information about the business, company policies, human resources, contracts, design, production, quality control, deliveries and assembly. Precast business in general and for each project in particular.

Continuous control monitoring for each stage of the process, key performance indicators, rolling forecast are some of the business software features. Production planning, programme, moulds, teams, manufacture, labelling and continuous report online, quality control checks are some of the manufacturing software features. Deliver notes, orders and invoices are others.

For each project it is possible to send an automate daily report about the status of each precast piece of each job to the clients.

JARVIS is the work of many years of development to adapt its tools to enterprise needs, and still a work in progress. Committed with Shay Murtagh Group and Structural Research Mission.

We define our APP as a  ‘pocket’ friendly user satellites that orbits around JARVIS (ERP) and BIM (models) keeping all that matters linked. We develop APP to improve the flow of the information along the entire Group. Input and Output during different stages of process within the Integral Precast Business is essential to keep the data up to date. Continuous Control Monitoring through APP can also give the precise and relevant information for the business operations and decision making when and wherever you need it.

We have been developing tools and procedures to implement Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) at all the stages of our work. Our vision is to have paperless workflows so we believe that with the increase development in hardware and software for VR/AR this will be achievable in the future. The advantages of using VR/AR technologies are enormous since we can connect seamlessly the Design, Production and Installation. Instead of printed uncontrolled copies we will have digital information models that can go from a static 3D drawing to a complete assembly sequence.

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