With Structural Research, Shay Murtagh has taken a giant step forward in planning and design

Already a leader in the precast concrete business, Shay Murtagh’s Structural Research team is using leading-edge technology to improve its collaboration with its clients and their project managers. Information Technology at its best has been designed and developed to enable Shay Murtagh to work at peak efficiency throughout a project, from the point of the initial survey through land purchase, design, manufacture, logistics and installation. Key Performance Indicators have been utilised in its continuous control monitoring of relevant information.

Shay Murtagh’s expert teams of structural designers and consultants for precast concrete structures have worked with software engineers to develop the best technology for the purpose. Building Information Modelling and Enterprise Resource Planning, concepts with which Shay Murtagh has been familiar for some time, have been integrated into the technology in order to improve the management of the information and to ensure that clients and their managers benefit from the real-time collaboration which is at the heart of the new system.

The actual production of the wide range of structures for which Shay Murtagh is justly renowned is also included in the new technology in its Manufacture Execution System.  Clients can track the fabrication of the pre-cast concrete components for their own building projects as they proceed through the process at Shay Murtagh’s extensive modern manufacturing facility in Raharney.

Scope | Structural Research

Keeping our clients informed at all stages of our involvement in their projects has always been a cornerstone of Shay Murtagh’s working practices; with Structural Research, the new improvements to our Information Technology both simplifies and streamlines the system, and is one of the many factors that ensures the company’s position in the lead of the precast concrete business.

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