Mission Statement

Engineering your project in precast concrete using Digital Construction Technology, creating and managing the project information, to deliver to customer expectations.

What is Structural Research?

Acting as a bridge between science and art, the technology that drives and defines Structural Research is expansive, yet precise.

Digital Construction Technology is a fundamental aspect of Structural Research and is considered among the strongest drivers of progress within the construction industry. Although viewed by some as a serious threat to the conventional or traditional methods of the industry, more innovative and ambitious players in the said industry are taking advantage of these new practices, enabling them to improve nearly every aspect of their operations.

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, works on the basis of complete collaboration through every aspect of construction from to start to finish. From planning, construction and operation through eventual decommissioning, the entire lifecycle of each asset is taken into account.

This aspect of Structural Research is particularly important for projects that involve precast concrete. Designers and project managers of construction utilising precast concrete require complete and up to date information from those involved and a properly designed software system simplifies the process. Mistakes and misunderstandings are expensive and time-consuming. The most effective method of avoiding these is ensuring that the information necessary for effective decision-making is readily available through every stage of a project.

Efficient communication between client, supplier and end user is an aspect of Structural Research that is proving invaluable in the precast concrete industry. Component designers must know the precise purpose the precast component is to play, what stresses will be placed upon it, and when and where it is required. Project managers are finding that planning has been simplified and storage costs greatly reduced as the collaboration between them and precast component suppliers allows for an optimal ‘just in time’ delivery system.

Profound benefits await those with the courage and foresight to take advantage of these exciting new developments in research and technology. Not only to their respective operations but those of their clients as well. Exceeding customer expectations must be a primary objective of any successful organisation. Structural Research is, without a doubt, the way forward for those with this ambition.

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